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10 Course RCAF July 7th 1944.  Nicosia, Cyprus

Vic Seaton   Frank Buck X   Alex MacDonald   Tut White   Bill Wilkes X   Don Downing
Shearer   Eric Von Bock X   Les Corney X   Jack Fitzpatrick X   Monty M Brown   Bill Wilson
Eric Watts   Robert Thomas   Neil Moss    Vic Treasure   Frank Purnell X

6/17 killed: 35%


46,998 Canadian military killed in the Second World War.
Canada's population in 1939: 11.25 million
Enlistment: 1.3 million, 41% of all men between 19 and 25.

  • Royal Canadian Air Force deaths: 17,974
  • Royal Canadian Navy: 4,154 
  • Canadian Merchant Navy: 1,146
  • Canadian Army: 24,870 
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