Rapid 84: Cerritos, California

Kevin Oreck Architect. Rapid 84 for United Oil, Cerritos,California 2012

United Oil owns about 100 gas stations, leased to Chevron, Conoco 76, Shell and Arco.  This Chevron station in Cerritos, California was designed by Los Angeles architect, Kevin Oreck.

The canopy over the pumps is covered in double-faced solar panels which use reflected light from the ground as well as direct light from above.  The convenience store is a beautiful thing.  Here is the architect's description:  This gas station consists of a custom-designed steel canopy structure over the pumps that support clear glass solar panels that will supply the electricity needs of the station. The triangular convenience store is faced with strips of folded glass, reminiscent of cascading water, that terminate in reflecting pools. A generous portion of the site will be covered with drought-resistant landscaping.
The Fine Arts and Historical Commission of Cerritos voted to consider the convenience store public art.
 Landscape Design: Schwentker-Watts Design
Photography: Fred Licht

This is, perhaps, what branding should become: no more signs, local knowledge, recognition by beautiful architecture alone. I only think this, because of its absence.