last week

How easy it is to break a routine and how hard to get back to it.
Last week drove 1100 km from from summer back into winter, from one culture to another, much the same as driving from Paris to Madrid or in distance, from St Petersburg to Moscow and back again.
Last week got On Site 23: small things to the printer.  They have bought a new Heidelburg press, an enormous thing the size and appearance of a locomotive engine.  Everything that was in the space it now occupies has been shuffled about – lots of untaped drywall everywhere, z-shaped corridors – but that's okay, there is this new princess in the building that everything defers to.

Getting an issue to the printer is a horrible marathon of moving commas, getting names spelled right, aligning images.  It goes on and on for days ending only when I force the layout onto a cd and deliver it, otherwise I would shoot myself.
Last week I unpacked, in a manner of speaking: I took things out of small packages whereupon they exploded all over and I can't find anywhere for them to go.  It would be nice to throw everything away.  Clearly I have too much stuff.  As a corrective I shall look at Jens Thiel's  monobloc site again:

Hannes Geiseler. Plastic chair repair, India, 2009